Welcome at Felis Savannah

We are Petra & Ceesjan and we got our first Savannah cat in 2015, we immediately fell in love with this breed.
We chose this breed because the appearance and character of the Savannah really appealed to us, so we decided to start our cattery.

For breeding a Savannah cat we have a high standard and we only want to work with purebred and healthy cats, and we are specialized in higher generations.
Our goal is to take the breed to a higher level in order to get as much as possible the appearance of a Serval and the nice character of a Savannah.

We have raised our Savannah cats from kitten in domestic circle and have a pedigree. Our Savannah’s are fully DNA tested for hereditary diseases, and are grafted annually.

We only breed with a combination:

  • Savannah X Savannah 
  • Savannah X Serval
We have kittens available
Savannah kater
Savannah F1

ABC Savannah Azeri of Felissavannah

the ancestor of our cattery

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